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NetUseMod - web-based USENET newsgroup moderation tool page.


comp.os.linux.announce is a Big-8 Usenet newsgroup for Linux related announcements.

Binary postings, personal attacks, vulgarity, and postings of a purely commercial nature will not be accepted.
Posters of frequently asked questions may instead be directed to relevant resources.

The purpose of moderation is to improve the quality, relevance and readability of content.

How to post to comp.os.linux.announce

If you find that your news provider has misconfigured the group as unmoderated, you can e-mail submissions to biblio <AT BUT NO SPAM> dynamicmalloc.com.

Moderator info

To contact the moderator, e-mail: biblio <AT BUT NO SPAM> member.fsf.org
The current moderator is Salahuddin.